Raise Funds Selling Ink Cartridges

A faster way to raise funds

There are two ways to raise funds with our program. The one that is most widely known is the e-waste recycling effort. And there is no denying that this initiative can raise good funds for your cause. However, if all you’re doing is recycling, you’re missing half the picture.

Think about it – your organization’s members print stuff. Kids have to print stuff for school, grownups have to print spreadsheets, reports, resumes and even family photos. The average family goes through at least three ink cartridges a year. And the original cartridges are pricey! Imagine if you provided them with a MUCH more affordable alternative that also helped them support your organization! Why wouldn’t they jump aboard?

As you can see by the header and other content of this other site, this is not the recycling site – this is your ink cartridges online store (don’t worry, you can easily get back to the recycling site through the link in the green menu).

Planet Green Cartridges

Planet Green Cartridges Inc. collects recyclable empty cartridges and, following very stringent quality control guidelines, remanufactures ink cartridges that meet (or even exceed!) the standards of the original cartridges. And these remanufactured cartridges sell for a FRACTION of the cost of ‘new plastic’ cartridges! So by buying Planet Green Brand cartridges, your members actually save money AND do their part in saving the planet. And your cause makes 15% of every purchase!

Your dedicated online cartridge store is planetgreencartridges.com, followed by your unique identifier (same as you use for planetgreencartridges.com)

To learn a bit more about Planet Green Brand remanufactured inkjet cartridges, watch the video below.

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