Connecting the Dots is More than Just a Game

October 21, 2014

Playing Connect the Dots

Kids do dot-to-dot activities as part of their play time but did you know they are learning in the process? You will be surprised by all the learning benefits kids get from playing connect the dot games.

Dot-to-dot games provide a wide range of benefits for kids of all ages.

Dot-to-dot games provide a wide range of benefits for kids at any age.

Kids who play dot-to-dot games keep their minds sharp and develop better hand eye coordination. You will find they also develop better listening skills and communicate better. The more connect the dots puzzles they do, the better their picture and number comprehension becomes. It is surprising how a simple, fun activity can be so beneficial.

Kids love connecting the dots to find out what picture is formed when they are done. If you are a teacher, you could have a special time a few days a week or even every day to let your students connect the dots to reveal a picture. Include one in the homework packets the kids take home that is related to their homework and kids will enjoy doing their homework more. You can find a number of places to print out these connect the dot templates, like Kidspot.

Keep a Supply of Dot-to-Dot Sheets

Keeping a good supply of dot-to-dot sheets on hand is a good idea. You can do this by using a file box with folders labeled so you know which sheets are in each file. Whenever possible, match the sheet to a lesson so kids can make a picture related to something they studied that day. Don’t let them know what the picture is so they have fun founding out. Once the picture is completed, they can color it. Ask them questions about the picture and how it relates to the lesson depicts. Games that tie into lessons encourage the kids to be excited about learning.

To set up a good supply of these sheets, stock up on recycled paper and ink. Using recycled printer ink cartridges is cost effective and gentle on the environment. You can feel so much better about providing your kids with fun learning activities like these connect the dot games.


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